Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Best ADU

Good Seed ADUs are well designed and built to be long lasting, at a cost effective price – with
energy-efficient designs, Energy Star® rated appliances, and durable finishes.

# Sq.Ft.

1 Master Bedroom

3/4 Bathrooms

Energy efficient Energy Star appliance and fixtures

Premium Caesarstone countertops and solid cabinetry

Premium long lasting engineered flooring and carpet in badrooms

The Good Seed believes beauty and energy efficiency belong together.
Built with low operating cost in mind, Good Seed ADU’s are built with Energy Star rated appliances with high customer satisfaction rating, combined with beautiful Caesarstone anti-microbial countertops, and durable long lasting floors to handle the wear and tear of daily life.


Long Lasting Design

The Good Seed ADU structurally engineered design is well built to withstand damage from a standard earthquake, wind, storm, and rain.